Welcome, fellow traveler.


Glad to meet you here. Find out about my work as design luminary and design founder, and as design leader (until very recently* I’ve been Chief Designer + VP at Huawei Consumer). Don’t be a stranger and don’t hesitate to say hello. Can’t wait to compare notes with you.

in a nutshell

I realized that while big companies have a lot of resources (people, money, and facilities), their resistance for change is big, and so is their ability to innovate. So this year, I decided to quit my full-time role at Huawei to focus on tinkering and creating products that I, my family and friends would actually love to use… turns out that I am not entirely alone in my quest and desire for a better experience. As of December 21, 2017,  I CoFounded Abalone. I’ve been thinking about ideas that lead to Abalone for more than a decade and talking to friends about it. One of the things I found out is that if you have an idea and talk to your friend about it and everyone is tired of hearing about it after a while, it’s probably not that good an idea. But if people tell you you should do that, then it holds up a little better. One day, when particularly intelligent and caring friends even encouraged me taking the leap, I went for it and quit my day job. That’s the experience I had.

prior to abalone

As an executive leader in a journey that spanned more than a decade with Apple — during its most transformative years (2000-2011) — following stints with three of the top ten Fortune 500 tech companies, (PayPal, eBay and Google’s spinout Flux.io), I have created and delivered industry-defining desktop & mobile platform design strategies. 
*Until May of 2017 I’ve been Chief Designer and Vice President of Huawei Consumer, where I was responsible for products like the P and Mate Series, as well as the Honor Brand. Past engagements included definition and executing product evolutions with Apple, ranging from Apple’s MacOS X operation system — curiously enough I worked on all “big cat” releases, starting in 2001 and 2002 with Jaguar, all the way through Mountain Lion 2011 —, the conception of iOS (for the launch of the iPhone in 2007), iCloud (Apple’s cloud-based solution for photos, documents, apps, notes, calendar and contacts anywhere, anytime), patented work that lead to Apple’s Nike+ as well as Mac OS X-based “ProKit” (Apple’s internal application design language for its productivity and professional applications).

My experience with, and insight into organizational development, design culture, process, strategy, branding and execution is the direct result of having shipped numerous award-winning releases.

I am a recognized expert, innovator and contributor in product experience encompassing user interface design, gesture interaction and UI implementation strategies, and branding for both desktop mobile platforms and the Internet of Things.

Throughout my journey I have been providing critical feedback and hands-on guidance to small and large companies who have been looking to achieve truly world class product experiences with emotional bandwidth. I successfully developed and integrated design organizations, processes and strategies. Contact me. Don’t be a stranger.

Photographs © Abigail Brody 2017-18