When not employed with Apple, eBay or Huawei, I have been heading up my own, nimble, Silicon Valley-based experience design consultancy.

I have been partnering with individuals, start-ups, organizations, and companies to humanize technology closing the loop from print to screen through the creation of integrated design solutions.  

More recent design engagements include projects with venture funds like KPCB, and clients like Wondros—a film, media, production, and creative agency in Los Angeles and with Jesse Dylan’s “hive of compassion and discovery” Lybba.org—a non-profit organization that uses research, design, technology, and media to drive change in healthcare.  I  serve on Dean Ornish’s advisory board as creative advisor for the Ornish Spectrum.  I also serve as “design luminary”on Dan Walker’s The Human Resolution Studios core team.


Besides being a product designer for interface design, I do have a knack for branding as well: an anecdote that I haven’t shared anywhere but here, is, that I helped to create one of the world’s most beloved brands: Zappos.com.

A former employee of a start-up that I co-founded in 1998, introduced me to his friend, Nick Swinmurn, the co-founder of Zappos. In 1999, the founders wanted to call their website “shoesite.com”.

I advised Nick to come up with a more unique and emotionally engaging name.  I encouraged him to be bold and to look up words in other languages, such as Latin. They looked up the Spanish word for shoe (Zapatos) and thus Zappos was born.

Here is a link to a story about Nick and his own telling about the renaming of shoesite.com.

Often as a favor for friends, I am still designing for print and paper, such as Guy Kawasaki’s book cover for “The Art of Enchantment”, which has quite an enchanting story behind its creation.

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